Unable to get back booking amount of 9999/- after a multiple reminders

I, Sumit Potdar, paid an advance amount of INR 9,999 for booking a flat at Thane West – 400606, Maharashtra. However, due to non-satisfaction of area surrounded by project , I do not wish to purchase the flat at above mentioned residency and request for a refund of the booking amount of INR 9,999/-. For the same, I would like bring to your attention towards clause (c) of Para 5 of booking terms & conditions, wherein it has been specifically mentioned that: In the event that the application fee has been submitted from July 1 2020 to September 30, 2020, but the applicant wishes to cancel the application, one may do so by writing an e-mail stating the reasons for withdrawal. Upon receiving such e-mail after due verification for eligibility, the applicant will be refunded this application fee. In light of the above, I request you to initiate the process of refund as: 1. The booking amount was paid on 31st July 2020; 2. The reasons have been well stated in the above paras; 3. The requisite email has also been shared for the above purpose. Hence, the conditions stipulated in the terms & conditions for the cancellation of the flat are being duly fulfilled. till date i have not received booking amount. frequently taken up follow up. everytime come up with new commitments with new dates. what i can do?