Restitution of conjugal rights

I applied for restitution of conjugal rights as I loved a married a girl from same community without informing she left with all belongings cash gold and some stuff it's been 1 year I was been trying to convince her their parents made fight between us by i forming and saying wrong things against me and saying that u don't have enough money to live with our daughter. They planned to marry her with someone else again. They blackmailed me that they will put case on me I was shocked and been helpless what to do later they filed a case on me in police station but after police investigation they found nothing wrong iny side they closed the case so finally I seeked to move on to court for my conjugal rights . I filled a petition and court send notice twice to my wife but still they didn't appeared or responded . I need an advice what is the best step to bring her back in my life as I lost more than my life and future thinking about her . I spend and gifted more than 10lkhs which I earned now I don't have single penny for my maintainace as I was forcibly resgined job with out notice because of her parents and my wife as we worked together in same office . all the relatives tried to convince them but their parents want to marry rich guy and they are saying to people that her daughter neither had marriage nor had relation with someone finally I came to conclusion that the girl cheated me and took all money and gold and stuff after their parents saying we will marry u somone else forget the past. I sincere request to give me best advice what to do agianst them either file another cheating case or go for conjugal rights . I got only photographs one gold bill and some other bills which I paid on her name, her cloths , her belongings, our anniversary video and my owner and watchman as proof we stayed together.