False complaint in police diary

A false complaint was registered in police diary by a boy against a girl in police station. After few days of their meeting this boy started showing her that he is interested in her though he never said clearly that he liked her and would like to marry her. But he would always say nice words and would try to show her that he cared for her by helping her. After some days they became friends. But, she never felt that he is genuinely interested in her. Lot of times he would tell her that lets go out somewhere, out of toun. And she would always refuse that as she never understood why was he saying that. He wanted to study further and the girl always motivated, helped him and wished for his good future. But, soon after he got an admission into some well known college for his Master studies his behaviour towards her changed. Lot of times he would say something to her which would be very insulting. The girl was very depressed and disturbed because of his behaviour and told him that lets not talk henceforth and every time the guy would show her that he is feeling bad for his behaviour and lets not stop talking. The girl thought since they were friends and such quarrels happen so she used forgive him. And the guy would show how much he is interested in her by helping her when she was in problem. And this was the only reason she kept on forgiving him always. One day he pushed her so much to go out somewhere as he was feeling bored. The girl thought since they are friends its ok to go out somewhere and agreed to go with him to a nearby public place. Till this time the boy had never ever told her clearly that he liked her and wanted to marry her. When they went out this boy tried to misbehave with her. The girl was shocked and depressed as she trusted him and never thought he would do such kind of thing to her. When she asked him why he did this he was just not saying anything. After pushing him for the answer he said he likes that girl and asked the girl if she liked him. She said she didnt like him like that as in more than a friend. And asked him that if he liked her why didnt he never told her about that and why he tried to misbehave with her, he just said sorry and later said that she can make complaint against him as he tried to rape her. The girl was shocked, surprised and too depressed listening to his replies. But, the girl always treated him as a friend and thought the boy is more depressed than her and instead of the boy supporting this girl the girl was supporting him mentally and emotionally and told him that she is affected by his behaviour but not to repeat it again. The boy agreed. By this time the girl thought that they had became good friends and it wasn't so easy to break the friendship. No doubt the boy was too smart in manipulating with her emotions. Again after some time he said something to her which was very insulting to her and they had a huge fight and she said she will not talk to him further on that the boy alleged her that after taking help from him now she is not talking to him and that she is unfair to him. The girl requested him polity not to talk like this but he kept on saying that and the girl had to continue talking to him as she didnt wanted him to put false blames on her. This kept on happening that the boy would insult her every now and then and then say sorry and again trouble her. It happened lot of times that he even lied to her and when she would ask him about it he would shout on her saying that she is suspicious and he would make up stories. The girl was tired and depressed by all this and just to check if he was genuinely interested in her or was just lying, she asked him to tell his mother that he wants to marry him and the guy immediately shouted on her saying that he will never talk to his mother about it and he is studying and cant marry her. The girl asked him that if he was never interested in her then why he had tried to misbehave with her when they had gone out, on that he said that dont blackmail me if you feel i have raped you then go and register a complaint against him. They had a huge argument on that and when the girl said that she cant even think of marrying such kind of a boy and was just checking if was genuinely interested in her and its proved that he is not after listening to that he kept quiet. After sometime he said sorry and said lets get married and he will talk to his mother. The girl was so affected deeply by his behaviour that she couldnt even think of marrying him. But he would keep coming and apologies her and she would forgive him and talk to him. This became a never ending cycle. The boy would always try to misbehave with her physically by showing her that he is interested in him and this was making this girl more and more depressed as she always thought of this boy as her friend and he would help her whenever he had a chance and sometimes would say he wants to marry her and sometimes would say that he has no interest in marriage and would keep on insulting her. In fact once the boy said that if they marry each other they will have to take divorce. Which was shocking for the girl as she never imagined a boy who wants to marry her will talk about divorce even before marrying. They had a huge fight and it made the girl more depressed. After sometime the girl thought that its time for her to get married and started searching for guys. But while she was doing that even when this boy knew that he tried to be physically close to her and she would keep on telling him not to do such things as this is making her more depressed he would say sorry and keep on doing the same. After sometime the boy told this girl that his family wants him to get married and told her that if she marries him she won't fit in his family as his parents are orthodox and he doesn't likes his father's behaviour and at times his mother's behaviour too. And would keep on saying different things at different situations. In so many years the girl never felt that he was genuinely interested in her and she used to be depressed all the time. The girl was feeling more depressed thinking that what will she tell her husband about this friend because somehow she never liked him but since they became friends she always forgave him and did her duties of a friend. She was not understanding that on one hand this boy tells her that he likes her and on other hand looking for other girls for marriage. She always wished for his good future but by all his behavior she was feeling cheated. Because of this boy for many years this girl suffered emotionally and in her career still always supported the boy in his career and emotionally by motivating him. She felt more cheated because she was the one who told him to buy a good house in good area so he can live a good life and should have a good career and as soon as he achieved all that he started looking for other girls for marriage and not even once he genuinely wished for her better career or life and tried to motivate her. Instead he always tried to trouble her whenever she was suppose to meet any guy for marriage purpose. The girl wished for his support at this time as she always helped him in everything but he was never interested in doing that. By this time he had a good job, good salary and own house. On the other hand the girl had suffered in each and every thing. The boy asked her that if she wants to marry him on that the girl said that he needs to ask her mother but he said he will talk to her only if she is interested in him but she told him that without her mother's approval she cant marry him. One day he spoke to her mother and asked about marriage and his parents were not at all aware of this. After talking to her mother immediately next day he fought with her and told her that she is just not interested in marrying him. Because of this continuous behavior of him she was too frustrated and told him he can marry any girl he would like to but at the same time she always felt cheated by his overall behaviour with her. After some time he suddenly stopped calling her or replying to her messages or calls. And would tell her the reason that he wants to focus on his marriage. The girl never understood his behavior because when she was looking for guys for marriage he never stopped misbehaving with her instead always troubled her and when he wants to get married he started avoiding her. The girl was too depressed and told him that she wants to talk to his parents and will tell them that he has told her many times that he wants to marry her but his behavour is never in sync with his words. She never understood what is he upto. On that this boy got very aggressive and stopped talking to her and told her mother that if she comes to my home to meet my parents or calls them then he will go to police station. The girl never imagined that whom she considered as friend and helped him in everything will say such kind of a thing. One day she was too frustrated and told him she wants to talk to him, he forcefully agreed to talk her. She went to meet him and tried talking to him about his behaviour on that, this guy became so aggressive and shouted in front of all the people around on the road that, he has not raped her and told her lets go to police station to sort this matter. The girl thought he is just acting and so said ok lets go to police station but in the middle of the road he just ran and went to his home. After some time this girl received a call from a police station that this boy has written a complaint against her that she is blackmailing him. Her near ones told her not to go to the police station as she was not in the good state of mind. Someone from her near ones went to the police station and signed on behalf of her apologizing and for not repeating the thing. The girl kept quiet even though she knew it wasnt her mistake but she didnt wanted her near and dear ones to suffer because of her. The police registered the complaint in the diary. Now the girl is very frustrated because someone had to apologies on her behalf for her no mistake and she couldnt take any action on this guy, also she wants to know what will happen to this diary entry. Can this boy take a copy of this diary entry and use it against her and what if she wants to take any action against her. Pl help.