Divorce without wife presence

Hello Sir/Madam, My friend is Muslim and she was married in October 2011 ,marriage happened without her consent and she was mentally forced to marry that guy and that guy knew that she do not want to marry him but still he wanted to marry her,she tried her best not to Mary him but unfortunately with all emotional blackmails she had to marry that guy and that guy promised her that marry me then i will divorce you since you do not want..then after marriage she kept asking for divorce but he was just giving some or the other excuses to her,then one fine day he left in the month of DEC 2011 saying that ,i am going to kolkata find your own way and leave my house and i m not entitled for any of your liability from now on and he left from there,then she was not in contact with any of her family member and him and last year in the month of may he had sent the talaqnama to her that he has said talaq 3 times in front of two witness, but then also she didnot contacted him ,i just want to know whether that talak given by him will be considered as talak or not.