Divorce Petition by my husband with all false allegations

I got married in September 2014. My husband has filed a divorce case with all false allegations on me under the influence of my mother in law who is a greedy woman.We stayed together for almost 5 months. My husband is under her complete control. There were no issues between us. She been influencing my husband. My husband has mentioned that our marriage was never consumated which is not true. He even mentioned that I have got an extra marital affair with someone, he had even mentioned some random name. He has even stated that I had told him & his family that I will be taking a divorce from him within 1 year of time as I am in love with someone else. I am state of shock. I have been abused, threatened & hurted by my inlaws several times during these few months. But I never wanted to break my marital relation. My family tried for patch up but my inlaws are not ready because we could not fill their numerous dowry demands. Initially my husband was fine but now he is completely a diffrent person. All his allegations are false. My mother in law had been demanding dowry & money . She is one greedy woman who just wants money. She created differences bw me & my husband. She had confronted me that a lot f times that she will not let me live with my husband but I had complete faith in my husband but I was wrong. I still cant believe that he had sent me a divorce notice for no good reason. I am no where at fault. My inlwas & husband has completely ruined my life. I dont want a divorce. I am very depressed. Pls advise