How to save unmarried daughters from father's harrasement

Hi Sir / Madam, I am Krishna, brother of two unmarried sisters & son of diseased mother, writing you on their behalf hoping for a positive response to help my distressed sisters & give them to a good life. Our father is 75 year old man, but not a human being, he don't know family values, no love & care for wife & kids. Money is everything to him. he has ruined everybody's life at home. We are 6 children to our parents (3 boys & 3 girls) & am the youngest. All 5 elders didn't get good education, but with their help I got good education & in a better place today. My second & third sister are of age around 55 & 50 respectively are living very bad life because of fathers money mind attitude, he didn't get them married, treating them as slaves & torturing everyday. He is so rude & irresponsible person who don't allow anybody to go against his decision instead he emotionally blackmail family members & threat them. Even the time, if family members fall sick, hospitalized or any medical emergency he doesn't bother to look at them on courtesy being a father & care for them :( He doesn't have any bad habits like.. drinking, smoking, gambling.. but he drinks, eats, sleep with money all the time He has enough money & made property from which our family can lead very good & comfortable life, but he doesn't want to spend a penny for anybody's good cause. Instead he will ask sisters to go out & earn money & food. That's disgusting. This is a brief facts about my complaint, I don't know whom to approach & seek help to bring my suffering family members out from that hell. Could you please suggest the best solution as I want to see my caring sisters & mother happy for rest of the life. Regards Krishna