In-laws not allowing to start married life

We have done court marriage on 29.06.2015 & this is our arrange marriage.Till then we have not yet started our married life.My mother in law is not allowing us to stay together.I am staying in Chennai with my parents & husband is staying with his mother in Trivandrum.After our court marriage only one time my husband came to meet me,for 2 hrs, that also with his mother.Whenever I make phone call, I have to talk to my mother-in law first & then to my husband. Otherwise she feels.When he talks, that time mother-in law is also seating in front of husband to listen our conversation. She told after social marriage only we have to start our new life.Now (before social marriage) she is not allowing me to enter in-laws house.Then she fixed our social marriage date.It was scheduled on 31st July, 2015.But suddenly mother - in law postponed our social marriage date giving some excuse.After court marriage we wanted to give reception party in Chennai .So I requested my husband to come from Trivandrum.But he avoided.Now -a-days mother in law is not talking to my parents properly.Even my husband also misbehaved with my father.In this situation what should I do?