dowry and Mental torture by in-laws and husband

I got married in age of 18 that is 2 years back. My husband parents asked 10 lakhs inform of Dowry at time of Marriage. my parents gave 5 lakhs at the time of marriage to my mother in law. remaining 5 lakhs to be given in 1 year. after 1 year of completion my MIL started harassing me for dowry remaining 5 Lakhs.My MIL is not good at all bcoz my husband salary is taken by her and spending on her daughters children or spending for her gold ornaments. Till now she has taken entire amount from him around 5 lakhs plus now their is no money in my husband hands and started asking me. Due to this situations my father deposited remaining 5 lakhs on me and now they started harassing to take out that money from bank and make it fixed deposit on account of my husband and me.i cant believe my husband. my MIL stopped my husband to attend my brothers marriage also. i went to attend and from that day my MIL not allowing my husband to be with me or talk with me.actually my husband and me stays in Hyderabad and now they asking to stay with them in village .i don't want to be with them bcoz they treat me like a servant .my husband is under control our MIL only .from last three months i am with my parents. so how can go according to law ? r else i want to be separate for few years so that he can realize his mistake and can come to Hyderabad. till that time can i get maintenance expense from him? please suggest me bcoz i am 20 years old and still i had lot of life to see.