I want to my rights

I want to ask about my rights as family memeber,,we are 7 siblings ,my mother 30 yrs ,,,and father died 5 years ago. and no will have made..my elder sister take charge of our business and also my elder brother they took over our family business when the goes,,we talk about sharing how much we get each other,,all the properties has transfer in our names of the 7 brothers & sisters..but one thing i notice to my elder sister is 65 yrs , and 49 yrs brothers ,, im 41 yrs old the youngest of them and single .. ,,i felt i have no rights to do this ,i dont even get money from our family business, to buy or i wanted to go to the grocery to buy things ....they always say where the one who more sacrifice and hard working to this family business,other member of the family same thing happens if they ask i want to expand a little space in our own property,,they ignore it,,but if my elder sister wants a space extend right away they do it.,and when were trying to talk about the sharing they always input to our minds that their the one who gets higher share than others including me......so to take my story short i want to know my legal rights as a family member from profit and properties.. thak u