Hi I am staying wid my wife in uk since 9yrs married for 10 years...we were married in india then came to uk... we both have jobs, two small children and permanent residency but haven't taken up british citizenship yet. My differences with my wife has been from beginning and relationship has been up and down. We r not living as husband and wife since 4yrs although in same house .I look after rent of house and bills and she looks after her expenses , grocery and kids bills as I have a very good job then hers and I get paid very well too.. I have had a small incident of drug addiction 3yrs back and I took rehabilitation and am fine now. But would like to take divorce from her as I keep stressed with her as she does not talk properly to me and kids as well are not so close to me..I feel like a stranger in the house. None of us have any affairs at all...could I file divorce in india whilst I am here as I do not want her to be prepared to react while she is here with me ..my parents are in india and can help me...pls advise