Videocon D2H service not allowed.

Hi, I have moved on to new apartment in Bangalore. The apartment authorities, wont allow me to use Videocon d2h service here in the apartment , and asking me to take a new connection which they allow in the apartment. (Airtel,Sun network or Hathway). I feel like that i don't have a choice to use the service which i like and which I enjoy. Do they really have the right in an apartment to refrain my freedom of viewing and choice. Basis my service request, the d2h service guy came to new apartment and the security and maintenance staff didnt allow for them to enter and told me they dont give permission for Videocon people. I asked them to give me a reason why, they don't allow Videocon, as this is on of the reputed firm in India, and why there is discrimination. They did not reply for that, but they told me that they wont give me permission. Please advice me, whether my ask is logical and will i be able to go and enjoy my freedom of viewing the service i choose, if i go legal. Regards, Deepak