Job lost amd missed 2 EMIs of Hdfc bank and getting threats

Unfortunately I took loan from the hdfc bank in 2015 January and paid 5 monthly installments and suddenly I lost my job 2 months back hence missed 2 monthly payment. My mother has been diagnosed as a cancer patient and my dad has gone under the depression and I told bank that I need some time so that I can pay the money however I am getting calls regularly and also people are visiting my place and they are least bothered about my situation. They are using harsh words over the phone and also told me that if I don't pay than the loan will be cancelled as it's a new loan and I have to pay 2.40 lakh all together in 7 days. I requested alot but they aren't listening to me. I asked them the alternatives however they are forcing me to pay the emi. I told the bank that I never asked for the loan but the person who passed my file told me that I can't get the loan of 3.50 lakh on 11.99% however I can get 2.45 lakh on the same so I told him to hold on and not gave him the authorization for disbursment but as he was my friends best friend he told my friend that I ask him to hold on and I never got the call from the bank that they are disbursing my loan with 48 emi's and I was so relaxed that I can't get the loan however my friend came to me and asked me to checked my account and I saw that my account has been credited with 2.38 lakh and as he is my childhood friend he came with the proposal of the ecommerce venture in which he pushed me on his trust by paying from him side so I had to gave him the money. I understand now that it was the trap which my friend set for me. So I am betrayed by my childhood friend and I am not denying the fact that the bank gave me the loan and I am the only one who is liable to pay the amount with interest but when I am telling bank that I don't have job how can you force me to pay the emi and the person who is not able to pay the emi how he can pay the 2.40 lakh in one go. Please suggest me what should I do. I am waiting for the offer letter from the barclys and they gave me the joining in the next month. My Mother can't take stress even my dad too.