murder case or suicide csse

Good evening lawyers. facts of the case is my sister in law ( devrani) left home befor 6.30 am. I, my devar , my 2 yrs daughter, and my niece was at home. At 8.00 am, her body was found at garden area of society. marks on her body revealed that somebody beaten her to death. Postmrtem report says that she is died of multiple injuries having multiple fractures.Girls parents also complained that she wasn't happy as this wss a case of new marriage. Police took all of us into custody. Even , we were shocked about who did her murder but all allegations were on us. Police investigation revealed that she was having extra marital affairs and we came to know about this previous night,, so we murdered her. No doubts on the boyfriend as his mobile record shows that he was out of station. Our house wss seized for one month. All three of us got police custody bt court. I and my niece are out on bail within two months . When chargesheet came, they had shown panchnama of clothes with blood stain of my devar. it is false panchnama as they themselves took the clothes from home in prrsence of my devar and forced him to sign on blank paper on which they wrote later that he has accepted about the clothed being recovered. Also police has done 164 of boyfriend that my devar spoke to him previous night and gave him threat of murdering both of them. But all this story is doctored by police people esp IO. We ourselves wss not knowing anything about it. But twist came after 6 mnths now That we got suicide note from deceased almirah written in a notebook that she is commiting a suicide and nobody is responsible for this. In chargesheet also, it is mentioned thst her slippers are found from tenth floor and accused have kept it to show that she hss fallen from there. this fact of her suicide is only we know. Our lawyer said not to disclose it as police have done wrong panchnama so they will not take their report back and will complicate the case more. My devar bail is rejected from session court. Please suggest should we ask for investigation sgain so that validity. of suicide note can be proved . What should be our strategy to get my devar out on bail first and then fight for the case.