498a case bail jumped & left India. Seeking advice on coming back

Dear Sir I am a Muslim man and living overseas. Approximately 4 years ago I gave Talaaq to my wife and paid the Mehr and Iddaat money. We also publicised the divorce in leading local newspapers. She accepted the monies but after that filed a dowry case against me and my parents under s498a. I was never served summons by Police and was produced before the Magistrate court. I was sent then to Judicial custody and released on Bail by the court. The bail condition stipulated submission of Passport. Since I had a job abroad I had left the country, which without appealing for relaxing bail conditions in HC. After that the Chargesheet was filed and the court is simply giving dates after dates. My parents have been attending the court dates but nothing else has happened beyond this in terms of the trial. After a web research I found that there are chances that NBW may have been issued against me and a possible Look Out Circular (LOC) at the Airport, which I am not sure. Based on the above description of my case is that assumption correct? I am now looking for coming to India. However I am no more Indian passport holder since I got citizenship on another country. I tried with a couple of Indian lawyers to represent me but I have been unsuccessful so far since the lawyers stops communicating after some time. I believe if I come to India without taking bail then I will be arrested at Airport. Questions ------------- 1. Will Police allow me to drop-off my luggage at my home, or will they simply confiscate my luggage? 2. Secondly can I apply for a bail when I am produced by Police before the magistrate? In such situation how long will it usually takes to get the bail from HC? The case is running in courts of Hyderabad. Thanks for your help.