My husband beats me

I'm from kolkata and married for more than 3 years, it is an arranged marriage. My husband is very short tempered and from the day 1of our marriage he used to behave very badly with me. He always humiliates me in front of my in laws and all other his relatives. There was no secrecy between us, he used to tell everything to his parents(he is the only son ). He never respects my parents and doesn't have good relation with my only brother who is 10years younger than him. Every time he shouts at me for silly reason like 'why the toilet floor is wet?' He treat me just like a maid. He tells me that 'i'm feeding you so you have to do all my personal works and my household works.' After marriage we used to go to social functions there also he behaved very harshly with me in front of all the guests. He never uses to bother where he is and starts scolding me. Whenever i went to share my feelings with him he took it wrongly and ended up scolding me. I was not at all satisfied with this relation. Physical relation with him is like i'm just a sextoy for him. So many times he demanded money from me. I work in a private firm and earn very less salary to contribute to him. I earn just to satisfy my pocket money as he doesn't fulfill my demands. He knows that i earn less very well and he himself earn very well as he is a software engineer & works in USA based MNC. He has his own house. His parents are self dependent still he wants money from me and for that he always misbehave with me. After six months of marriage he even started beating me up. Every time we had a fight he abuses me,tells me to get out of his home and beats me up. He keeps secret about his every thing from me, he and his parents have secret chats behind my back which i'v heard so many times. Even he had so many girlfriends before marraige with whom he continues to chat after his marriage. So many times i caught him red handed. He was sexchatting with that girl. He is very pervert as everytime he has free time he just watch porn all the time and fantasies. And tells me why i dont look like them. Even after one year of our marriage we went to USA for his office job and there he fixed to have sex with call girls during his office time. Somehow i managed to see his emails and stopped him from doing so. Even after that he brutally beat me up. When we were in USA i have spent worst days of my life there. I have no money and i cant go outside i had to spent my days within 4walls. He beat me there, abused with filthy lauguages, even he abused my parents also, misbehaved with me, made me do all household works and scolded me for any fault therein. He never buy me any thing not even my liked foods. He always buys things he likes. That continued in USA also. Within this 3years of marriage i was beaten up so many times. When he sees he has no other options than surrendering as there is cops then he apologizes and tells me that he will never do again. But he cant maintain that. This time he beats me up very badly as i was just joking with him during our regular normal chat . My whole body is swollen, blood clots are there. Even he hit me on my eyes and they became blue. One side of my face is just untouchable as i have severe pain. I cant go to my own house as my parents will not take this . Frankly speaking i dont want a divorce but i want to teach him a lesson. Please advice. Thanks in advance.