Enquiry on cheating in relationship

Hello Sir, i was in relation with my girlfriend from 2012..........we are from different caste....she is obc n i am from sc caste...... from d 1st day she said that she will marry me even if her family oppose...... we was in relationship from june 2012 nd till October 2012 i said her day after day that she must re-think her decision to continue relation....once again she said to me that she has taken her decision n that decision is to marry after i complete my 21st year.. bt she said one day that my age is not complete so we can marry in temple..so we go to the temple n marry their i.e. only i wear her mangalsutra n put a sindoor on her head... we get physical on that day.... i was physical with her on condition of marriage..she said yes we will marry....... in august 2014 she said to me that she will not marry bcos her family is not ready so she will not marry.. she says that if i want to marry then talk to her mother... i agree n meet her mother... bt her mother came with her uncle n they say "i may be bring 10-50 boys to beat u bt ur good so i am just telling to leave her n frgt her".. i talked to her mother bt she says that ur caste(SC) will never improve (tum logon ki jaat sudheregi nahi).. so sir pls tell me how can i lodge a complaint or FIR.. i have proof.. for ex:- 1). for some people she was introducing herself as my wife. 2). for some people she said that she will marry me after i cmplete my 21st year... 3). i hv photographs that prove all.. sir pls suggest legal action that i can take on her self n her mother..?? thank u