Problematic Dad

Dear Experts, My dad is a retiered state civil servant he is about 64 yrs. I am 30 yrs old, not married and aspiring for civil service. The problem is he in life never cared for his family he did not showed any interest in my studies. Being a able and responsible fellow he pushed me to study Arts did not gave me a good education totally spoiled my life. As u know our life depends on our education with this degree im not able to get good jobs hence i decided to get a govt job and aspiring for it to get myself settled in my life. He very often abuse my mom and me, picks up quarrel with us abuse with bad words if i come to my mom's recuse he abuses me and ask me to go out of the house im in an very insecured situation i need to atleast get a satisfactory job and take care of my mom. In this situation i cant go out of the house and live my life as desired i need to stay in the house until i get a job. So in this case what i can best do to secure myself. Day by day he is acting like a psycho im fed up from him. He is giving a lot of mental torture for me. I have a good respect for him after all he is my dad but he does'nt have such fellings on us i dont know whats goin on in his mind. Please help me in this regard. Thank you.