How long it will take to get the sanctioned Interim maintenance ?

Respected Experts... I have been married in 2011.My husband and his family sent me for delivery to my father's home in Mar 2012 then I delivered a son in Jun 2012 but neither my husband nor anyone from his family came to see the son.Now he is a 3 yr old.And directly My husband sent me a divorce notice in Mar 2013.I am contesting that I dont want a divorce.I filed petition u/s 9 and u/s 125 crpc for maintenance.Earlier I had a job but it was on contract basis for 10 months.But now I have no job from las 1.5 yrs and have responsibility of my son and I now am leaving on the mercy of my father. He is a Team Lead in reputed MNC and frequent visitor to the USA.He has more than 1 lakh salary p.m.He has also sold the flat of his own possession before sending me the divorce notice and sent me a massage which mentioned that "Dont try to contact me in future." I sent him mail,massages and called him many times but he never replied me. I need your suggestion as, 1) The court has sanctioned Interim maintenance as Rs. 12000 p.m. in 14/10/14 and then my husband put the review application and say by me but unfortunately hearing is not being done by my lawyer,he is denying the hearing intentionally and taking very long dates.Can I request directly to the hon'ble judge on the delaying issue.