I named Vishal residing with my parents & elder brother's family in my father's home at Ahmedabad (Gujarat) & working with pvt company. My drawing salary is Rs.7000/- per month. My wife had left from my home in 2012 by giving reason that she do not feel comfort with us. She was working with pvt company & earning 12000/- per month when she left my home. Then after some time she asked to get back her ornaments which was lying with me in our joint bank locker. I gave her all ornaments in witness of 5-7 person of our relatives by making notarized on 20rs. stamp paper. Then she gave me notice through her lawyer in Feb-2015 stating that she wants to come back and I need to take her from her father's home within 10 days from the date of notice otherwise she will take legal action against me. I immediately contacted lawyer & given reply of her notice by mentioning that i am willing to bring her back at my home on some mutual conditions which should be decided in front of respective relative of me & her also. But she did not reply. Then she registered complain on me & my parents for mental harrasement, dowry etc etc. Police asked us at policestation & we went to police station & given sufficient clarification on her complain. Police also got satisfied with our clarification the document we produced (20Rs.Stamp Paper for the return of Ornament & reply on her notice where she shown her willingness to come back at my home). Police has released us by taking our statement on my wifes complain. Then aftersome days, she has sent me offer through one common man that she wants divorse & Rs.1500000/- from me as compensation. But i refused to give divorse with compensation of Rs.1500000/- as I am earning Rs.7000/- per month then how can i arrange such big amount. Now she had served me the notice through court for maintenance. Now you tell me in such salary how could i manage her maintainence which might be more than my salary. Now pls advise me that what should I do as I got the date to make available my self in court on 14.09.2015.