Unemployment, financial crises

I'm 31yrs old men. I'm unemployed, no house , no money. And parents don't support me financially stating I have crossed 18 yrs of age . The house we are staying belongs to my uncle( Kaka) . He would sell it to a builder. And my father may either get money before vaccinating the premises or a flat in the building which would come up in the place. Thise is what my parents say. If my father is handed over money I'll have to be dependent on him for my mantainance . If he is alloted a Flat it will be on his name and he'll dominate me completely. After the death of either any one of my parents the one surviving will be the owner of the flat. I'll have to tolerate their dominance . My father owns a shop in porvorim which can't be operated due to legal issues. After the legal issues settle the shop can be run or alloted for rent. But since my father is the owner of that shop he'll get the rent. And I'll again have to be dependent on him. If they disown me how will I survive with out a job . No Food, no shelter.