Salary issue

Hi, i was working with a small academy, in dlf club 5 gurgaon, and all of a sudden it was told that the academy is going to shut the employer is lying that she had conflict with dlf personnel but today a notice was put in front of door that she had not payed 35 lac's to dlf and also , we were supposed to get salary on 7th of august for the month of July but she told us that today Friday is the last working day so she will give the cumulative salary to us which comes out to be rs.31000 for me,for 1.5 months approx. ,now we are not trusting her on this that she will give us salary .also actual salary should have been 33,600 but i took leave for 2.5 day so approx it comes out to be 31000. my question is if she refuses and say that i wont be able to pay or wont be able to pay the whole amount what do i do? and also i don't have my appointment letter for the 1st shift i joined for 3 p.m to 7 p.m as an art and craft teacher but she wanted me for full day as a pre school teacher from 9am to 7pm (which is over the time one can employee a person in a day i.e 10hrs) it was usually more than 10 hrs since i was told to leave at 7:15 we negotiated on salary and settled for 22,000 per month. and she gave me the appointment letter for evening and said you can take the new letter after your appraisal. but all of a sudden academy closed. and in the appointment letter it is clearly written if the academy closes without notice then employer will pay 1 month advance salary which should be 31000+22000 . and if we leave the organisation then we have to serve 1 month notice period or they can forfeit our salary. So is it applicable here. please help me i am very confused what to do if she do not give the salary.and Tuesday 11th we were told that academy is closing and today Friday 14th is the last day.