Sister in law harassing family?

These are my questions: In case my sister-in-law files a case against everyone in my family including me though I don't live there anymore: do I get arrested? If the FIR is in Telangana and I live in Karnataka, does it affect me? I am planning to leave to a different country (career plans), can I go? My sister-in -law is harassing the family. My brother got married less than three months ago and now they both have constant fights. After the first fight (not with me) which is like in the movies, I left home for a different state. She started abusing my younger brother (not her husband) and I tried to stop her by holding her hands, then she got so mad and started saying "leave my hand, why do you care?" I got upset afterwards and left home. I am only in touch with my younger brother, I spoke like 2 times with my elder brother. My elder brother doesn't even talk to anyone now and is saying that he would commit suicide. This is her background and what she does: Father, sister who got married with one kid. No other family members. Her father is paralysed and her brother-in-law has no say in the family. After her father is paralyzed they cut ties with their relatives and no one talks to them. So she has only her father, sister and her brother-in-law. Sources say that she is aggressive. What she did so far: Bites the fruits and keeps them aside. Mixes rice and curry and spreads it on family member's clothes. Calls everyone in the family names. Doesn't do anything in the house. She doesn't even know how to cook. My sister-in-law's sister also lives in the same city. During this time which is covid-19 she visits her sister's house almost everyday, sometimes in public transit and puts my old parents at risk. My sister-in-law's sister comes to our house during pandemic and puts my parents at risk. She doesn't let him talk to my younger brother. She spies his phone all the time. She slapped my brother in front of the whole family it seems.