Landlord issuing notice with false claims

I have been residing in a pagdi flat for the past 72 years. Since 2 years the roof of the flat has major leakages, which has caused a lot of problems in terms of health and mental agony. The landlord had been notified on multiple occasions but has refused to repair the same and demanded I pay the entire cost of Rs. 10 lac to repair roof. I had found an engineer who agreed to repair the same the 1/3rd cost and I sent the landlord notice via speed post of the same in February and never got back a response. I proceeded with the repair at my own expense. After the repair was concluded the landlord sent me an eviction notice claiming no approval / notice of repair was given. He has recently installed CCTV cameras outside my flat and calls me everyday to inform me he is tracking my daily movement. Recently he has also started breaking glasses and sending people to ring bells at odd times. He has sent me an eviction notice claiming I damaged his building and raised a claim of Rs. 20 lac and one month notice to vacate the flat. Kindly assist