Sexual harassment leading to murder attempt

Respected Sir/Madam, I am a Phd Student (Physics) from a leading institute (IISER, Mohali). On the night of 30th june 2015 one of my colleague sexually harassed me and tried to kill me in a well planned manner (he was using gloves and LAN cable to kill me). Reacting on this assault, Institute made a committee and promised me they will take care of police complaint also. They also sent me forcefully to home so i can't react on that situation instantly. Yesterday, the decision came and they denied the charges of sexual harassment on the accused yet they agreed that it is a physical assault only. They only convinced to give me a written apology. They are saving the accused. In the date of Today i have wrong and biased decision letter of committee and also don't have any police complaint. I am totally disappointed on this issue. Kindly suggest me the next step for justice. I can send you all the letters from both sides (committee and me). I can also give you the step by step details on the assault. Kindly help me.