Not paid for the work done for the client online

Hi , I have been working for one client of US (building a software) for last 4 months and also getting regular payment from him. but unfortunately the project is terminated and at the same time he made my final payment. According to him , he had transferred money from his Bank of America account to my HDFC account via online wire transfer. But unfortunately I had not received any money , he had sent me the confirmation number as well as proof of transfer but it was just a confirmation number. I had not received the money even after 25 days and then he made a inquiry to BOA and as per BOA its fraud transaction and they are investigating the reason. Its been two month he transferred the amount and I have not received it yet. I don't understand weather my client is trying to cheat me as project is closed and I have handover all the code or really the issue is there with bank. I tried to contact him several time but he is not replying me even .I have all the proof of payment he made for my work as well as his all email which proves that he has to pay me certain amount for my work. Can I take the favour of any legal procedure for the same as I see its only way to getting my money back. Thank you, Sandip