Need divorce from wife

Ours is a second marriage got marriage on 2018, my wife have a girl child in her first marriage got divorce with alimony from his first husband. I am working in Bangalore with my 75 years old father and my first marriage daughter with her grandma at native at Kerala with my control. After marriage she came to Bangalore, and her daughter continued with her grandma for studies (9th std). after one month of marriage She started to visit every month to her native and always fighting with me for not interested to come back to my home at Bangalore. Now she taken all her belongings and settled at her native Kerala with her parents and daughter and clearly told not coming back to my home at Bangalore. Also she is not giving divorce, and raising truth less issues against me, not given food, not cared etc... both of our family members knows i cared and loved her in well manner. Please advise how to get divorce from her, on which ground i want to file divorce, also please advise any compensation payment will involve in this case because this is a second marriage of both parties.