Harassment for dowry and abandonment while I’m pregnant

I am staying in US with H4 visa.I am married for 7yrs in 2015. For the 1st 5 yrs I have gone through mental abuse from my husband and in laws regarding dowry and then later in Nov 2019 my husband brought me to india to visit his parents and left me in india and my in laws and husband threatened me saying that they would divorce me if I don’t give extra dowry and I gave them 1kg gold, 86000$ of my salary and extra 25lakhs. Later he took me back to US in June 2020 but contually harassed me And i got pregnancy in feb 2021 and from he started to use violence against me like beating and he wants me to say that I would leave so that he will not have any problems but i didn’t accept that so in may when I’m 5months pregnant he abandoned me and left the house and not talking to me. I reached out to my in laws but there were not evnn responding to me . My husband have all my documents including my passport and I am not even able to come back to india. What cases can I file against him in india so that he will be punished severely?