Land lease with bpcl

My land( i am gm catogory now but i am beda jangam which is sc in constitution but office is not giving sc certificate) in 2017 is leases by bpcl petrol bunk company on the insistance of dealer who had talked to me for rent and partnership. But in lease agreement this not mensioned, lease agreement contains direct lease agreement of landowner me wurh company of 7k. Dealer had talked of 15k total rent and 18% partnership with my daughter. But the dealer( got bunk in sc catogory and investment from bpcl)has not given remaining rent nor the partnership amount to my daughter. Partnership agreement done between dealer and my daughter but my daughter partnership is not mensioned with company. Bunk started working in 2018.Now in 2019 dealer is unble to run the bunk due various reasons and deficit of money etc ( dealer and his relative case is in court as relative the fund raiser for dealers dealership). Company has detained dealer fo 2years. And have given for another bpcl dealer from same place for temporary bases. Give me perfect route for 3 purpose 1. Petrol bunk dealership should be given to me as i am land owner. 2. Cancel the lease deed with company. 3. Make my daugther partner officially with dealer in company and give my remaining rent from dealer running bunk.