Landlord not returning the deposit amount after vacating the flat - asking to settle arrears

I moved to a flat on rent in Navi Mumbai in 2020 with deposit amount of 85k and monthly rent of 25.5K Parties involded: Main broker in Navi Mumbai say Rajesh. Owner is in Dubai. In between Rajesh and Owner one more person (Rajesh's brother Satish) as mediator. Shifted in flat on 16th Feb 2020 Came to hometown on 13th Mar 2020 (was there in flat for less than 1 month) Lockdown happened, so asked broker (Rajesh) to reduce the rent from 25.5K and i made clear that i don't want it like reduce now and pay later, no arrears should be there. Apparently he talked to the owner and we settled for 15k per month from May 2020 onwards. In May 2021 i vacated the flat after giving proper notice of 1 month in advance and returned the keys. Now its been more than 1 week and the broker and owner are not returning my deposit amount. Broker (Satish) is telling like Owner is asking to settle the arrears from deposit amount. But i made it very clear to broker (Rajesh) in May 2020 that i dont want it as arrears. I dont have it in written that we have settled for reduced rent. Please advise what can be done to get the deposit amount.