After issue of appointment they are denying to give job

I am Rajeshwari.M.I submit to inform that I have cleared Specialist Officer Exam–IV Agriculture field officer exam which was held on 15th Feb 2015 and got selected as Rural Development Officer in Union Bank of India. According to the IBPS notification dated 17th November 2014, IBPS mentioned four year graduation in agriculture . During an IBPS interview I submitted a certificate state that the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore offering four year B.Tech (Biotechnology) course is a degree in Agriculture which was given by The Registrar, the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,Coimbatore. After submitting this equivalent certificate,they permit to attend the interview.Tamil Nadu Agricultural University is one of the reputed institutions for agricultural studies. Earlier the same course was offered as Agricultural Biotechnology. On April 6'2015,Final results came,IBPS alloted me to Union Bank of India.From Union Bank of India I received the appointment order .The certificate Verification and medical test was conducted by Field General Manager Office,Union Bank of India,Chennai successfully .After finished the medical formalities by Union Bank of India,Chennai,they sent the mandatory induction training call letter. The mandatory induction training was likely to starts on June 1 st,2015.On may 26' 2015 ,they have cancelled my training call letter due to B.Tech (Biotechnology ) educational qualification does not fall within the bracket of the educational qualification. And I contact to Union Bank of India Recruitment division,Mumbai. I submitted and explained a certificate,stated that the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore offering four year B.Tech (Biotechnology) course is a degree in Agriculture which was also given by The Registrar, the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,Coimbatore.But they canceled my appointment order on 29.06.2015. Based on the appointment order I was resigned my previous job.Now I’m helpless and my family is fully depends on my support.During my studies I have availed an educational loan from Union Bank of India.During job i repaying the amount regularly for the past two years.Now i cannot repay the amount for the past two months.They sent the warning letter regarding payment of loan from Union Bank of India,Seithur Branch. In this worse situation I supposed to get the job .After submit my clarification on this issue to Recruitment Division,Mumbai ,but it went unheard,keeping me in total mental agony.This is Injustice for me. Apart from this we got stay and direct by the court.after submission of court stay they are simply cancelled appointment order without any notice. Then they applied for writ appeal, that case was vacated by the court. Then we got stay for cancellation of appointment order also. They are not responding for that stay too.then our lawyer sent contempt pre notice to reply within one week .they are not responding that what should we do?? After the successful judgement which may favour for. Us in future what are all the possible benefits shall we get? Because we are facing this problem around three months no solution yet.we are affected mentally as well as economically. If bank permits us to join means whether all benefits will effect from appointment joining date ?? What are all benefits we can possible to claim by the court??