Divorce issue

I purchased a house before my marriage and after marriage we started living along with my father, Mother ,children's and wife. After 17 years of marriage my father in law, mother in law ,Brother in law along with my wife started pressurizing me to tell my parents (aged 76 7& 71 years respectively ) to vacate the flat .I have taken a strong stand and told them that as your daughter (my wife) is not comfortable to stay with them i will make the alternate arrangement for her stay in the same society Which i did in one month. I left my purchased house and start living in the rented accommodation with my wife .But my wife started misbehaving ,abusing me and repeatedly threats me that one day she will bring all us road. After staying with her for 3 years when things became unbearable i left the house and shifted with my old aged parts now aged 81& 76 respectively. I along with the rent paying all the major expenses of children. My wife is also employed in permanent capacity. Now she is again threating me to go to court and get her share in my purchased house?What is the rule position in this reagrd.She is also asking for the maintence our adult chidrens.Please guide..