Alimony dispute after mutual consent

Hi everyone I had mutual consent divorce in 2015 - ex husband agreed to pay 20 lakhs alimony + 5 lakh dowry - however he actually owes me further 50 lakhs which I have just found evidence for - at the time of divorce the lawyer was mutual to both parties unfortunately and it was someone his family knew as we are from abroad we didnt know ant lawyers- the mutual lawyer only spoke in their favour and told me not to speak about the physical abuse otherwise case will go on for years and also he said they can't give me anymore money otherwise cade will never close I can't get remarried etc - but he got remarried within 2 weeks to girl he was in love with and she was already pregnant before he divorced me- i thought law says you have to wait 90 days? Anyway now is there anything I can do to get rest of my money back? They made me sign paper saying they don't need to give me anything they said if I dont sign they will tell bad stories about me to community - they also didnt return half of my wedding items which supposed to give back - can I do anything at this stage? It has been long time but Its lot of money I worked hard for it - pls advise