New judgement by supreme court ondaughter in law claim share matrimonial house owned by father in la

I, my wife, unmarried sister stayed in the same house. we do not have parents and my wife troubled my sister and due to which both had a verbal fight. so much we had to take her to cycrytist and for counselling. I took another house on rent took my wife and stayed there. Now she wants to go back and claim on my parent's property. i refused but she is mentally torturing me to go back, I know the reason. I do not want to go back. I am a heart patient with three stunts in my heart, she is mentally torturing me, i have grown so weak to mental harassment , We do not have a child, my wife is government teacher. She speaks rough dirty language, She says she will go back to my parents house, my sisters stay there , if she she goes she will harass my sister. my question Can she go there forcefully, or can she claim on my parent's property. if she enters forcefully what to do Cn i file divorce I do not want to stay with her, she has tortured my sister, she is harassing me last 3 yrs . if i file divorce do i have to pay alumini to her , i am without job these days also pls advice