Cancel marriage after engagement

Hi Sir, My Brother was engaged on 28th Jun,2015. He have searched girl on engagement 14000 rupees was given to my brother and engagement rings were exchanged. At the time of engagement there was no issue. We booked the marriage hall and the date was finalized on 27 August 2015. We have not asked anything from the girl's family at the time of engagement.My mother was not feeling well and we from the boy family decided to postponed the marriage till January. They didnt agreed and the entire family as well as girl was presssuring my brother to marry on 27 August 2015. The girl was also dominating my brother to book honeymoon tickets,send engagement pics asap which my brother was not liking. She was repeatedly forcing and dominating her in any sense. My brother said if they are not listening now how can they listen when marriage will happened. So he decided to break the engagement. He told the girls brother that I dont wanted to marry your sister. You do whatever you wanna do. My brother also told to come to our place to take all the gifts and money that you have given us. The girls brother said I am not a beggar to come to your place and collect gifts.The girls brother and the entire family went to police station to file a complaint.Now the girls family has given a letter to police that our family have asked dowry of 2 to 3 Lakh and they have given false claim that we have paid 51000 rupees for which we have not even taken.Also at the time of engagement his family has wriiten in the letter that my mother was also given ring for which my mother has not even taken. We as a family are itself against dowry how can we take dowry from somebody. My brother is repeatedly telling that I dont love her hence I wanted to break the engagement. He is also telling I dont wanted to marry for divorce.The girl's father is very strict. They have also written false claim that my brother has gone to girls family twice and touched the girl. The boy went to girls family only once after engagement and the girl kissed my brother when there was no issue between each other. Please advice what will be the outcome of this case.