Parking Rules

Our Society was registered in 2020 and handed over to residents in 2021. There are 100 flats, each flat is given 1 parking. There are ground parking (-1 level) slots, on ground level as well - stilts and additional Stack parking (33 numbers). The builder allotted the parking space and to those having 2 cars were allotted stack parking. Questions : G level Stilts or P level Stilts or Stacks :can a builder sell parking space. There is allotment letter issued by builder but no space mentioned in Agreement Builder can allocate these parking space at start but later at Society formation, do these parking belong to society Apart from 100 parking slots as there were few more.. can those be sold by builder to flats as 2nd parking space (builder has done the same) With Stack parking since there are mechanical things involved, maintenance of these stacks would be in Society scope or Individual's scope who have been allotted Stacks ? Are the Parking Charges compulsory to be included in Society maintenance and can parking charges be levied on these spaces since there is allotment letter given for each flat.