Can Sister claim her right in father's ancestral property / CASE 1 and CASE 2

CASE 1 1. My father died in 1990, After death of my father, my only surviving brother got transferred ancestral agriculture property in his name. 2. With Hindu Succession Act 2005, Can I have a share in Father's Ancestral property, which is presently in my brother's name. CASE 2. 1. I got married about 55 years ago, stayed at my Inlaws house, and has elder daughter and younger son, After some times my Inlaws has started torturing me, So my father forcefully had brought me back along with daughter to his residence and was staying with them. However, Inlaws has not handed over son to me, and remained with Inlaws, 3. I am staying with my father and mother house for last 40 years and was taking care of them. 2. Now my daughter is 48 Years (Unmarried) and son(Married) is about 45 years doing service at different place. My husband and Son has also not kept any relation with us.(No talking relationship). 3. My husband is the only survivor in whole family, and my son has got transferred whole ancestral property in his name, My question is either I or my daughter can have a share in that property, which is presently in the name of my son. How both case are feasible or not, If yes how to proceed for the same. Regards