I am the owner of the shop my tenant was not giving m rent from 2007 nd I filled a rent petition against him.. Where rent controller ordered him to pay rent , my tenant filled a appeal in session which is dissmissed .. Nd in these mean time period he never says nd denied about the rent note shown by us the court that it is faurge nd fabricated nd he says that he is paying rent of an amount 800. But the rent note is of 4500 ... I to attested the accuracy of rent note from hand written expert because he denies from his sig.. When he goes to high court he says that he is paying rent of 500 to landlord but in lower nd session he says 800. . He shows fraud rent receipts of his previous landlord of 1997. After 1997 we ouch asked that building. He never wanna to show our receipts to court I don't no why which we r giving him in mean period of 1997 to 2007. Nd on that bases court order to pay interim rent nd ordered session court to finalise the order in basis of merits And after this he filled 420 against us