As after 12 years of married life we both are found not actually made for each other even after we have two daughters (9 & 7 years old). Now due to her misbehaving attitude I am face-up and gone through a deep desperation with medication for a long time and an alcoholic background, but I left all this behind. After coming back to the life I decided to start a new life by devorciiving her divorce with proper compensation. I already choose a lady to love over phone only to share my thoughts as her wavelength matched with me, but thought due to my family we bothe left the conversation withing 3 months with no physical relationship. But my wife engaged well before my incident, she was with a relationship which all the local public knows as I was outstation during that time.for almost six months.b But that guy can basic necessities. He works in a garment shop and I am a Public service Holder. Now probelm is that, my wife's family not showing interest to take back her home, she is staying gere, usingvsing slangs as she came from the colony, slang everytime in front of kids and neighbours of my office colleagues. Already three peace violation report submitted against her from my 76 years old father and 69 years old mother. I have also got physically harrasment in her house. Now, please advice me how to deal this problem in a suitable and calm way. Further, I don't want to deprive her regarding financial issues. But she is not ready to move from here and also showing suicidal attempts and asking attention, so we consulted psychiatrist. But her family won't come in any suicidal attempts whereas they frighten us to take action. Sir/. Madam, we are really feeling helpless as my elder daughter also has a Open Heat Surgery, so she can't take this problems too much and get really very sick. Please show me a light to live a better life with my daughters and to secure their future. Regards, Dibyendu Roy