Bought residential plot as Indian Citizen via e-Autction but registering it with other Citizenship

I am NRI at the moment living in Germany for more than 10 years. I bought a Residential plot in Bangalore which was auctioned (e-Auction) thru Bengaluru Development Authority (BDA). I have already paid the complete amount to BDA but Registration is pending. I couldn't travel India due to Pandemic for registration. I also didn't plan to provide GPA for the property registration. Now I am getting my German Citizenship which means I wont be any more Indian Citizen once I accept German Nationality. I need to give up Indian citizenship immediately in order to acquire German Citizenship. What are the consequence of this for me in order to register this residential plot in Bangalore. One of the primary condition to involve in the e-auction was Bidder should be Indian Citizen. This was true that time when I won the Bid and made the payment. Issue of OCI (Overseas Citizens of India) cards currently on hold. So don't know how long it may take once the process gets resumed and the OCI card is issued. Will it create more problems to register the property if I become German Citizen? How can I handle this situation?