My husband is the only son and a divorcee. I married him at the age of 34 since his family was known to my family, but not entirely. His first wife divorced him since she was not comfortable living with his parents in his small flat. Anyways after 16 years of marriage, and in his parents old age it is turning to be a nightmare for me and my 14 year son too. His father aged 83 and mother aged 78 are giving lot of age related problems though they are not handicapped. We patiently take care of their every need. Since his flat is very small we are finding it difficult to lead a normal life. My son is now in 10th standard and is finding it difficult to concentrate on studies due to in-laws constant fights and mental torture. When I voice my problem to my husband, he says it's our duty to look after parents in their old age. That I agree but inspire if this they give us lot of problem. When I tell my husband to find some solution, he tells me to get out of his house and that lets get divorced. Please give some advice since I have no one who can help me in this situation.