About maintainance

It has been 13 years of our marriage and we have two kids age 10 years and 12 years.Husband is in govt job and i am working in pvt sector for 3 years.Currently living with husband and we r not in happy marriage and he refused to maintain me and my children but now my husband forces me to leave his house and even he dont pay children school fees.it has been happening since early days of marriages.he tortures me and my children by using abusive words and even he abuses children also.i am compelled by him to leave his house.as i am not earning that much to maintain my children.He says leave my children with me and you leave my house and says you are not entitled for maintaince if i am working and if i reply him not to pay my expenses just his duty to maintain his kids he refused by saying " i will take care of my children only when i will leave his house". my questions 1.if i take custudy of my children will me and my children entitled for maintaince. 2.Can he through me out of his home? 4.my childeren and me can claim in his property?