Cheated by country club india limted

I was offered free gift by Country Club India limited and was requested on phone to attend the presentation in Wave Mall Noida. I with my wife and two little children went to their office. They offered the membership for Country Club Vactions for 25 years for 6 nights and 7 days. The amount was very high. I refused and told them that I cannot afford it. Then they lured me by offering EMI scheme. Along with this they offered other extra facilities in handwritten plain paper. This hand written plain paper is in my possession. Their offers were very lucrative. 1. They offered me free 2 nights and 3 days trip to Dubai extra. 2. They offered me free 6 nights and 7 days trip to Bangkok extra. 3. They offered 2 flight tickets amounting to Rs. 11000/- any where in India.?(But they did not disclose the hidden facts and charges) 4. They offered extra 5 years holiday free. 5. They offered me 6 night and 7 days domestic trip free. 7. They told me that the Annual Maintenance Charge is Rs. 8500 inclusive of service tax. 8. They offered an I-phone 5c 9. They offered two international air tickets amounting to Rs. 25000 10. They told me that I have to pay nothing in Country club owned resorts They deducted Rs. 25000 for I-Phone and Rs. 24000 for International air-tickets . An amount of Rs. 185000 was settled to be the member of Country Club Vacations based on EMIs. That was paid through my credit cards. Till then it was 9'O clock in the night . My two little Kids were feeling hungry and til then became very uncomfortable. They requested to sign the documents . I told them that I have not read it. But they convinced me that this is formality and all the commitments done shall be fulfilled and come in writing from Hyderabad office and since this offer is for today only it has to be signed today. My children had started crying till then. Having faith on them I signed the documents. They didn't bother to give one copy to study at home. Next day onward I started receiving call from their AMC department for Payment of AMC amounting to Rs. 8500 + service tax. I called the concerned executive and told them about the call. They told me to ignore it and assured me that AMC is Rs. 8500 only. I started receiving calls for AMC. They also informed me that I have to pay certain amount while staying at resorts even if company owned. I message this issue to the local manager and he confirmed in message that I have to pay nothing in company owned resort. I started reminding him of his commitments through mail and even sent him his hand written document. My real nightmare came when I received the welcome kit from Hyderabad office which has several contradictory clauses. 1. It was told that in Blue type membership, I have to put up request for booking of room in 30 days advance but in contract it is written that in Blue type membership I have to put up request in minimum 45 days advance. 2.It was told that Annual Maintenance Charges is Rs. 8500 inclusive of service tax, which everyone in your office has confirmed orally, but in Contract Document it is mentioned that AMC charge is Rs. 8500 exclusive of service tax. 3. It was told that this is a membership for 30 years out of which 25 years is paid and 5 years is free membership. It was explained that it means I have to pay AMC for 25 years (@ Rs. 8500/- inclusive of service tax, AMC will not vary but government taxes may vary) and for 5 years I have to pay no AMC charges. This is no where mentioned in the contract document. 4. It was told Two that the Air ticket amounting to Rs 11000/- shall be issued. You also assured that the coupon for tickets shall be issued in maximum one week i.e. by 25.07.2015. I have requested you several times through personal meeting and massage to issue the coupon for tickets as fare for ticket was increasing day by day. But it was not issued in time. Finally when I received the coupon for air tickets, I was shocked to see the conditions of availing this facility as it was not explained at the time of offering membership. This has led to cause a financial burden on me and has spoiled my plan of vacation. Further at no time you have told that there is an amount of Rs. 999/- as charges towards ticket booking. 5. It was told that in Country Club Owned Resorts, I have to pay nothing. But in contract agreement it is mentioned that I have to pay taxes and other levies as levied by the government i.e Luxury tax / service tax and other additional taxes as may be applicable from time to time. 6.It was told that Dubai Trip is free for 2 nights and 3 Days but in Contract agreement it is mentioned that vacationers can book rooms at Dubai hotel at a special rate of AED 399 per night during 2015. 7. For DAE card it was informed through Mail also that exchange membership charge is Rs. 12800 fixed. But in contract agreement it is mentioned that it varies from $ 125 to $ 1229 (2015 prices.) 8. I was offered 6 night 7days extra domestic trip. It has not been confirmed anywhere. 9. It was told that transfer of membership is free, but in contract agreement it is mentioned that it is chargeable. 10. One of the clauses mentions that any communication done by the executive on the behalf of company in any form either written or oral is null and void. How can a company who has authorized a person to deal on its behalf disown the commitments given by him on the behalf of the company. This is unfair and unethical business practice. Now i have requested them to either correct the agreement or cancel my membership and refund my hard earned money