Husband wants divorce & wife is not ready to give divorce

Hi Sir/Mam, I got married in 2018 and since then i am suffering , but i wanted to give time to adjust and get settled in , but it could never happened , in between we have got a baby girl who is 18 Months old as on today, She always disrespect my family and talks about only the share in properties which is on the nam eof my Mother and Father and hard earned by them only its not ancestral. If i am living with her, even i am not allowed to talk my mother -father or any one else in my family. She abuses me in such a manner by quoting my Sister, Mother as Prostitutes and lot of other stuffs.. On 11th March this year her Father came to Kolkata which is my workplace in my rented house and started abusing me too alongwith her, i had no option but left from there as if i would have stayed more, i would have not been able to survive , and i informed my father in law over phone that i am leaving Kolkata and cant stay with your daughter anymore... Both Father and Daughter went to Kolkata and filled the Missing complaints about me , which i somehow managed and got the clearance, after that they returned to Purnia in Bihar to their home and now she has filled a complaint against me in Women Helpline Center, i have been on the first notice there and put up all my points with proofs too , then they said they will give another date to come, but now they are pressurizing me to keep her,its looks to me that women helpline centre has been managed by her and her family. My father in law is a lawyer and she always threatened me on the law and now when i want divorce ,she is saying at any cost she will not give and she will destroy my whole family... Kindly suggest wht to do,i have all the recordings as proof that how abusive she is and how she tortures me mentally, cant i get divorce from her and what consequences, i will be facing plz explain Regards Amit Mob;[deleted]