Need direction for divorce

My name is Santhosh. I am an Australian citizen living in Sydney. I have married to a girl in May 2015 who also lives in Australia. It was an arranged marriage by my parents and her parents. I have seen the girl and met her once before marriage in Australia. Soon after this, she flew to India and her parents restricted us to talk to each other before marriage. I obeyed elders. After marriage, we moved to Sydney together and rent out in an apartment that has become a beginning to my problems. I work full time and she would be home. When I talk to her casually or joke with her about anything related to her family or environment, she would laugh at the time I do. Secretly, she complains to her mother by adding more negativity to the words I have told. Their parents started complaining about this which I was not aware until my parents told me that she was hurt by those words. I was surprised first time with this. She always tries to find fault in my words to complain to her mom and make a big issue. This has been happening since 3 months. As soon as I come from work, she won’t be happy and always chatting over the phone. If I say anything to her, she would shout and hit with things and complain to her family by highlighting my words. I am really vexed with this lady’s behaviour. I would like to apply for divorce and live happily as single.