Domestic voilence

Hi, i Am From Delhi. I got married a year ago In Gurgaon. After Few Days of Marriage, My Mother N Sister In Law Started Harassing Me nn Started Asking Me To Give Them All My salary.they Used To Abuse Me Whenever My Husband Was Not At Home and Used To React Nice Infront Of Him. I Continued to Live In That House Thinking That my Hudband Will Stand By Me If He Comes To Know All This. But I Came Across with A different Situation Where My My Husbandwas Also Involved with My Mil N Sister In Law.after Many Big Disputes N Police Was Decided that I Will B Living In Separated Rented House With My Husband.only Three Months Have Passed My Husband Ran Away From The House Leaving Rented House N Household Stuff On My Responsibility.i Am Staying In my Parents House n keeping Rented House Locked But Taking Care Of That.he Forced Me To Leave My Job Too I Left That A Month Ago. I Want To Take Action On Him N Want Him To Punish Legally N To His Mother N Sister.i Want Them To Learn That Noone Has Rigjts To Spoil Any Girls Life Like This. They Must Get A Good Lesson. Pls Help Me To Know What Action Can B Taken.