How to deal with bad tenant?

Hi, My tenant stays in my property for more than 15 years. There is no legal written documents/agreements between us.Two years back I requested him to vacate the house however he refused to do that . Then I sent a legal notice to vacate flat. He had not made any reply to my notice.After that I filled a case of eviction against him, from that very day he is trying to harass me and my family with false allegations. I am very depressed with his this act. He have filled false complaint me in police station that I am abusing his family and not providing the basic amenities like water. He has filled case in court against me that I have stopped his water supply however it is not true. He and his family is enjoying water supply everyday. He is trying to harass me and his wife making false complaint against me. Yesterday, a local authority from court come to our house to see whether we have disrupted water supply or not. Their family trying to be very innocent in front of them and was saying that he had brought water tanker of his own. He is trying to provide false proof and making false allegations . We are very much frustrated with him and his family. Please give me advice it been more than a year and court is just giving dates?