Divorce and Alimony within 6 months of marriage.

Hello, I am married for 6 months and had numerous disputes and manhandling from both the sides. After one month of marriage she got pregnant and due to our current financial circumstances we decided that we cant afford to have a baby and went for abortion. It was a mutual decision and we signed a form in the hospital as well. On numerous accounts she tried to hurt me by yelling at my parents and insulting in front of everyone. Her father recorded my conversation with her and used it to blackmail me, similarly I have recorded his conversation with me and he agreed that his daughters behavior is bad. I got my Permanent Residency visa for Australia and my wife is also entitled as a dependent. After coming here we stayed in her sisters house and within the first 5 days her sister and brother in law kicked me out of the house, later her father sent me threatening emails stating if I don't agree to his terms he will ruin my career and my family, and after a month they filed for divorce in India, they claimed that I had tortured her physically, mentally and lot of false statements. I am currently unemployed and have no property under my name but she claimed that I have a $5000 job and 2 crores property in India and wants a permanent Alimony of 50 Lakhs as she cannot work due to mental depression and also pay all the legal charges. 1) Can she file for divorce before 12 months of the wedding? 2) Is she entitled to Alimony as the marriage lasted only 6 months and her age is 24 and well educated. 3) As I am in Australia can she\her family members use extradite law and force me to come to India? 4) Can I refuse the court stating that I am a resident of Australia and would like to go through the proceedings from here?