Ipc 324 and justice juvenile act 2000

I am Srihari residing in hyderabad for the past 30 years. I worked as the Principal of various schools and also a teacher since 1996 onwards. I would like to bring to your notice regarding my problem. I was the principal of Janapriya Olympiad School, west city, Miyapur. On 18th Nov 2014, while I was in school lot of noise came. Then I went on rounds and saw that Nursery students was fighting and madam was unable to control the class as the strength was around 34. I asked the teacher why this much sound was coming (as I am getting shunting from Dean i.e. Managament). Madam told that Sir, this boy (sai) is poking with pencil to everyone. I told madam that Kids do like that but we have to engage the class then the noise will be reduced. I took the boy and made him to sit on the last bench. But still he was doing. I just want to scare the boy. But my intention was not beating at all as he is a small kid and also it is against the rules of school. But my three fingers touched the boy on his cheek. Later I gave two chocolates to the students and asked not to shout and listen the class. Then I went to my cabin. Later after some time madam came and told that sir there are finger marks on the boys cheek. I told the teacher if the parent comes I will tell the truth and if required I will ask apology. But after 30 min., the parent came and catched my collar without listening to my words as he is very close to TRS leader Gottamukala Padma rao of Kukatpally. I tried to protect myself from the parent but he went to Police Station and lodge the FIR in Miyapur police station. And a case was booked under IPC 324 Justice Juvinile Act 2000. A lot of money was spent by me. The police people took the money. The press people also blackmailed me then also it came in the newspaper. For a small reason which was unfortunately happen by mistake, my family and I are suffering a lot. I am dilemma that a small unfortunate incident has costed me a lot. I left the teaching profession also as now a days the conditions are not favourable. Pls advice.