Divorce and custody

Sir /Mam, Regards. I was married 8 years back. it was arrange marriage. during these 8 years, my freedom has been curtailed and i have been even been physically manhandled by my husband four times. There were issues between our familes and they curtailed me from going to my parents house for 3 years. I kept adjusting, trying to solve. they dont allow me to wear salwars or any dress of my choice. they want me to do all household work and business work from home. I am qualified professional. even then i was not allowed to meet my relatives in the same city. not allowed to talk much to anyone (relatives, friends etc.), constant doubts on me and speaking ill of parents, i have spent crying most of these years. I have a daughter now 3 years. Three months back, i have come to my parents home saying i want to meet them and never returned then. my husband is in talks with me but my in-laws dont talk. most of the time, he asks me to come back. but i dont want to. Please guide can i get divorce and custody of my child. When will desertion apply. Can he apply for restitution of congenial rights.