Marrying twice without giving divorce to first wife

One of my friend working in share market .Few Years back he met a gal . they were good friends and it turned into relationship. Last year my friend married to her through court marriage . actually he was influenced by the girl family for the marriage he didnt realise that things are going very fast and later he regretted for it.. But as he got married , he realized he did a big mistake as he did not consult his parents/family.. The girl stayed with her own parents . the guy was living along with his family and was waiting for the right time to speak to his family about this. Soon things got more difficult and he was forced by his parents for arranged marriage . After marriage happened, family members and second wife came to know about his first marriage and were in shock... My friend regrets that he had made a big mistake . First marriage was a hidden one and second marriage was a grand one... Please suggest my friend to come out of this problem. He wants to stay with his family and second wife . His family approached the first wife family for divorce . but they refused for it and warned them. He is the bread winner for His If he gets into trouble, his entire family will suffer . I know in law it is a criminal offense. But there has to be some end for this.. 1) What are the remedies available with him ? 2) It's been a year they got married but they never stayed together. On what points he can get divorce from first wife stay , so that he can stay with second wife ? 3) what are the consequences he is going to face. 4) what measures he should take or be prepared for ?